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Physical Properties

  • Color:
  • Flash Point:
  • Non Volatiles minimum:
  • Bleed @ 160°F:
  • Flow Point:
    No flow @ 160°F
  • pass
  • Low Temp Adhesion:
    <1/32" @ -65°F
  • Drying Resistance:
    7 days @ 160°F
  • Removability:
  • Corrosion Resistance:
    ASTM B-117 >4000 hours
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness:
    2 mils Density
  • Dip Application:

Product Image


Cor-Ban 27L


Cor-Ban 27L is on the QPL for BMS 3-38 and is listed on NSN 6850-01-469-7645. Cor-Ban 27L has been formulated to function as a non-drying, wide temperature range, corrosion inhibiting compound for static joint applications on a multitude of substrates. A thixotropic, buff-colored film can be achieved on any metal surface and will maintain a flexible protective coating that will withstand high ultra violet exposure in highly corrosive environments. Cor-Ban 27L has been approved by Boeing Commercial Airplane Company as a substitute for current BMS 3-27 materials in some applications where BMS 3-27 is specified on the drawing. For inservice applications please contact appropriate manufacturer's service engineering.


The bulk packaged material can be applied with spatula or brush at reasonable ambient temperatures. Pre-heating the product to 100 - 120°F will aid it's spreading properties. The cartridge fits into a standard pneumatic or ratchet sealant gun that is common in the industry. It can be applied at room temperature or at elevated temperature depending on the desired type of coverage. Removal of the coating is achieved by wiping off all excess material and flushing part with Zip-Chem D-5600NS citrus based cleaner, D-5640NS or mineral spirits.


Non-Toxic Non Drying User Safe Smooth Application Wide Temperatures Excellent Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Coats Intricate Parts Low Odor


  • QPL
  • BMS 3-38
  • DPM 6210
  • DPM 6498
  • NSN 6850-01-469-7645
  • MEP-QPL-09075
  • Embraer E944758D
  • Cessna CSNP038


Item Number-->Package size

009402-->5 OZ 12/CS--

009403-->6 OZ SEMCO 12/CS--

009873-->"14 OZ CART 12/CS"--

009404-->PINT 12/CS--

009405 QT- 12/CS--

009406-->GAL 4/CS--

002099-->5 GAL EA--

002100-->55 GAL- EA--

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