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Calla 602LF Indicator Kit


This kit is to be used to check the concentration of Calla 602LF parts washer soap taken from a parts washer reservoir. This kit shows a color change between the test sample and the control bottle if soap needs to be added to the parts washer solution.


New kit contains the following: 2 clear bottles - One for the test solution and one for the control for comparison 1 bottle of Indicator solution 1 bottle of Sodium Hydroxide solution 1) Retrieve a sample of recently circulated wash water. 2) Fill both clear bottles with the wash water. 3) Set aside the bottle marked Control Sample. 4) Pour Indicator solution into the Test Sample bottle. 5) Pour Sodium Hydroxide solution into the Test Sample bottle. 6) Shake the Test Sample bottle until well mixed. 7) Compare Test Sample bottle with Control Sample bottle. If they are the same color, the soap concentration is sufficient. If they are different colors, add 2 gallons of Calla 602LF for every 100 gallons of tank volume and repeat the test with a new kit.


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