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Physical Properties

    • Specific Gravity:

    • Evaporation Rate:

      3.2 (n-Butyl Acetate = 100)
    • Flash Point:

      144 F (TCC)
    • Vapor Pressure:

      <1 mm of Hg
    • Appearance & Odor:

      Clear low viscosity liquid

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D-5616NS contains PF™ solvent/degreaser and is designed to be used for light to medium aerospace degreasing by spray, dip, wipe or flood methods of application. D- 5616NS is a combustible blend of high purity hydrocarbons and a small amount of food grade terpene. The evaporation rate ranges from 5 to IO minutes when it is wiped or blown to thin film. D-5616NS is 100% volatile and leaves no residue and is designed to be compatible with all metals, plastics, and coatings.


D-5616NS is normally used as a general purpose spray and wipe solvent cleaner degreaser for surface preparation on a variety of aircraft substrates. It is effective in the removal of a wide range of uncured adhesives. Residual contamination from tape, dust, dirt, grease, wax and other process materials can be quickly and easily removed with prompt attention. D-5616NS is effective on degreasing electrical components on motors, transformers and generators with care being taken to allow for total evaporation of flammable solvent prior to start-up. The product can be used in bulk as ZC-016 for immersion dip cleaning and flood washing components.


• Contains no ozone depleting chemicals • High purity blend with low residues <50ppm NVR • Aggressive cleaning of organic contaminants while safe on substrates • Dielectric strength of 38kV to 51 kV • Low odor recognition in wipe, spray, and bulk • Non-flammable propellant in aerosol


  • Boeing D- 1 7487, Rev J general purpose cleaner
  • Douglas CSD #1 general purpose cleaner
  • AMS 1526B
  • ARP 1755B Aircraft engine cleaning


Aerosol as D-5616NS - 12. oz.
Bulk as ZC-016 in gallons, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums

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