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Physical Properties

    • Shelf Life:

      The Un-mixed kit has a 6 month shelf life from date of packaging
    • Solids:

      52% prior to mixing
    • Viscosity (cps):

      5500 prior to mixing
    • Service Temperature:

      -100F to 550F continuous
    • Dielectric Strength:

      900 v/mil
    • Dielectric Constant:

      2.95@100 Hz, 2.90@ 100,000 Hz
    • Dissipation Factor:

      0.004@ 100 Hz, 0.003@ 100,000 Hz
    • Volume Resistivity:

      4 X 10-13 ohm-cm

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AP 280 is a two-component kit comprised of a silicone resin with a select grade of aluminum powder packaged separately. Once thoroughly mixed and applied to the substrate, the compound will thicken to a "putty-like" consistency that will exhibit a high degree of flexibility and adhesion, while functioning as an excellent heat sink for this intended application.


AP 280, listed on the QPL DPM 5979, was formulated specifically for use when changing the static port heater element on DC-9 and MD-80 powerplants. The non-curing pressure sensitive putty/aluminum mix should be spatula applied at approximately 15 mils thick, allowed to stand for 1 - 2 hours to gain "tack", and then manipulated to lay the heater element into the putty compound.


AP 280 will maintain an excellent bond while exhibiting vibration resistance and flexibility over a very broad temperature range of -100°F to 550°F in continuous service. The kit is pre-ratioed and both components should be mixed completely just prior to application.


Available in 1, 2, and 5 oz. kits consisting of Silicone Resin and Aluminum Powder Packaged in Separate Containers.

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