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Physical Properties

  • • Color:
  • • Solids:
    15% by weight solids
  • • VOC:
    <10 grams/liter
  • • Wt./Gal:
    8.4 pounds
  • • Water immersion (120°F):
    4 days
  • exposure with no affect
  • • Reverse impact 20 inch pounds:
  • loss of adhesion
  • • High Temperature Exposure (250°F):
  • No softening or degradation
  • • Salt Spray Protection (ASTMB-117):
  • >336 hours

Product Image


Cor-Ban 12


Cor-Ban 12 is a transparent coating that is intended to protect aluminum substrates from mechanical damage during fabrication and assembly operations and from corrosion during transportation and storage of components under most conditions. The cured dry film is removable with a suitable alkaline wash process cleaner, such as Calla 500, yet will withstand the exposure to outdoor elements.


The coating can be applied using a spray gun or brush. The dry time of the properly applied coating will be 10 minute dry to touch, 5 hours dry to stack, complete cure in 7 days at 75°F and 50% RH. The removal of the cured film can be accomplished with the spray application of Calla 500. Apply Calla 500 and let stand for approximately 15 minutes. Use a water rinse or pressure spray.


Cor-Ban 12 offers a fast curing and durable temporary protective coating. The dried coating will allow for maximum see-through QC inspection as required. The coating is non-blocking and as such will not allow paper or cloth to adhere to the finished film. The material exhibits resistance to some solvents in addition to light acid water and salt mist.


Aerosol, gallons, 5 gallons, drums and totes Special packaging upon request

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