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Physical Properties

  • Flash Point:
    127° F PMCC
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Bulk Density:
    7.0 lbs per gallon
  • Viscosity:
    200 cps.
  • Appearance:
    Clear liquid
  • Odor:
    Solvent Odor
  • Volatiles:
    87% by weight
  • VOC G/L:
    253 grams/liter
  • Composite Vapor Pressure:
    0.5 mm of
  • Hg @ 25°C

Product Image


Zip-Strip 125M


Zip-Strip 125M was designed specifically for removal of wet, waxy and/or dry film CIC’s (corrosion inhibiting compounds). The material is water rinseable and is very effective even after short dwell time. The product is extremely effective on a wide range of aviation soils such as MoS2 grease, hydraulic fluid, wax and carbon deposits.


Zip-Strip 125M can be applied by aerosol, airless, air-assist, dipping, or brushing. The material should be applied at a thickness of 2 to 7 mils, depending on the thickness and age of the material to be removed, and allowed to dwell for 5-10 minutes (10-20 minutes for heavy duty removal) and then pressure sprayed or rinsed off. Do not allow material to dry on the surface. If drying commences, apply a light film of additional product and rinse off.


Zip-Strip 125M is a fast acting neutral pH surfactant cleaner. The components are biodegradable but the contaminants that the cleaner removes may not be. Handle effluent accordingly.


  • Zip-Strip 125M meets the Boeing D6-17487 and the Airbus AIMS 09-00-002
  • making it an ideal CIC remover for mixed fleet carriers.


Aerosol, gallons, 5 gallons, drums Special packaging upon request

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