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Sur-Prep 5606 Wipe


The Sur-Prep® 5606 Landing Gear Strut Wipes are used to wipe down the landing gear to remove the contaminants during maintenance, assembly, and overhaul. The lint-free wipe is saturated with Mil-PRF-5606 hydraulic fluid which is compatible with the various elastomers and substrates of the landing gear assembly.


To use the Sur-Prep® 5606 Landing Gear Strut Wipe, simply remove the saturated towelette from the plastic wrapper. Unfold the towelette and wipe the landing gear strut surfaces and any other areas that need to be cleaned. The hydraulic fluid in combination with the AMS approved wiper will easily clean the strut surface without the possibility of causing damage to the strut or elastomers.


  • The wiper is saturated with material
  • that is on the QPL for Mil-PRF-5606.
  • The wiper is approved to AMS 3819.


The package consists of a clear plastic pouch containing an AMS approved towelette saturated with Mil-PRF-5606 hydraulic fluid. Two package sizes are available- * 10 gram package with 8"x9" wipe - 100/box (103769) * 50 gram package with 13"x13" wipe - 100/box (103768) * Sur-Prep 5606 is also available in aerosol (103063)

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