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Physical Properties

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Calla TR-521


Calla TR-521 is a clear, vicous, heavy duty liquid cleaner. Calla TR-521 was developed specifically for cleaning and brightening jet engine thrust reversers and cowlings during overhaul or repair. Calla TR-521 conforms to Douglas C.S.D.-1 requirements for immersion Corrosion Test, Cadmium Removal Test and Hydrogen Embrittlement Test When used as directed, Calla TR-521 will not harm aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, chromium, stainless, and high strength steels or titanium.


After removal from the aircraft, spray Calla TR-521 full strength to completely cover thrust reverser, or other parts. No precleaning is necessary. After approximately 15-30 minutes, rinse using one of the following, in order of preference: A) Steam Rinse B) High Pressure Warm Water C) Air and Water


Aerosol, quarts, gallons, 5 gallons, drums Special packaging upon request

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