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Physical Properties

  • Preservative Oil Pour Point:
    75 Deg. F.
  • Flash Point:
    290 Deg. F. (In Bulk Form)
  • Boiling Range:
    -22 to 75 Deg. F.
  • Vapor Density:
    Heavier than AirSpecific Gravity (H20=1)
  • Evaporation Rate:
    Faster than Ether

Product Image


D-5263NS / ZC-5263 - Bulk


Zip-Chem D-5263NS Aircraft Cable Lube and Rust Preventive is a special formulation consisting of a blend of oils conforming to MIL-VV-L-800. D-5263NS is a general purpose, low temperature, water displacing preservative oil used as a lubricant and rust preventive for general Aircraft applications including cables. This product was designed to provide maximum life to all aircraft cables. It can also be used with excellent results on small guns, machine guns and precision machine parts.


Originally established as a cable lubricant for cargo door hinges and door cable lubrication. However, actual application appears to be in areas such as: pylon bearing cleaning prior to lubrication and lubrication of safety blocker installation on DC-10 tail cone work platform. (Some DC-10 applications required by FAA AD notes).


Low Temperature Preservative Oil Water Displacing Protects on Internal Applications up to 6 months


  • OIL 4501-12SC
  • DPM-5481-1
  • VVI-800 Replaced by MIL-PRF-32033 OIL 4501-125C DPM-5481-1 NATO CODE O-290


Item Number-->Package size
002057-->AEROSOL 12/CS

009426-->GAL 4/CS

002141-->5 GAL

002142-->55 GAL

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