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Physical Properties

  • Consistency:
    Homogeneous Paste
  • Color:
    Light Pink/Tan
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Flash Point:
    220°F Seta Closed Cup
  • Odor:
    Mild Mineral Spirit Odor

Product Image


Jet Brite 550


Jet-Brite 550 aircraft polish is specially formulated to clean, remove oxidation and restore luster to aluminum and painted surfaces in a one step process. It contains no abrasives or corrosives. There is no need to use harsh compounds that can scratch and dull fine finishes. It contains no wax, silicone or polymers that can cause post operation coating problems.


Apply Jet-Brite 550 to small sections with a soft cotton cloth or buffing wheel. Rub lightly and the removal of oxide and carbon buildup will be very visible. Use a clean, soft, cotton cloth or buffing wheel to remove the paste while moist. Buff to a high luster finish. Excellent results can be obtained on leading edges, spinners, windows, galleys, lavatories, hardware and carbon stained areas. Application of Jet Brite 550 over new paint should be done only after all solvents have been allowed to volatilize and the paint has fully cured. Please consult your paint supplier for guidelines on full cure.


Jet-Brite 550 is impervious to fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids. It will leave no residues or foreign matter on the substrate. Due to its nonabrasive formulation it can be used safely on bare metal painted surfaces, fiberglass, plexiglass and molded plastic. Jet Brite will impart an oxide resistant finish when properly applied.


  • CSD#1
  • AMS 1650B Types 1 and 2 paste
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev L.


Item Number-->Package size

002143-->12 JAR/CS

004711-->5 GAL


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