About Zip-Chem® Products


History of Zip-Chem® Products

For 50+ years, Zip-Chem® Products has produced cleaning products, lubricants, Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CIC's), cleaners, sealants, and adhesives for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Airlines

Zip-Chem® 's Mission and Operating Philosophy

The mission of Zip-Chem® Products is to address the unique technological challenges of modern aviation with exacting chemical preparations that are supplied through innovative packaging and product delivery systems.

That way, Zip-Chem® Products develops chemical products for the aviation industry that deliver superior performance while controlling costs, reducing waste, and addressing environmental concerns.

Government regulators have also passed laws that require airlines, aerospace companies, and military personnel to use chemical products on the aircraft that do not harm the environment.

Zip-Chem® Products understands the challenges that those markets face in terms of finding products that work on aircraft.

Therefore, Zip-Chem® Products works with those markets to understand their needs and develop products that address those challenges.

Zip-Chem® Products Locations

Manufacturing Facility Location

Zip-Chem® 's products are currently produced in a 68,500 square foot facility in California near San Jose.

This facility can handle the various material packaging requirements for the markets that Zip-Chem® Products serves.

Zip-Chem Headquarters Building

Additional Zip-Chem® Products Facility Locations

Zip-Chem® Products has facilities in other locations besides Morgan Hill. These locations include:

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Quality Policy

Zip-Chem® Products will produce products and supply services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers while maintaining statutory and regulatory compliance.

Zip-Chem® Products will achieve the highest quality levels by continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system while maintaining safety, customer focus, profitability, and sustained growth.

Quality Objectives

To fulfill our quality policy, the following objectives will guide company actions:

  • A skilled, trained, and motivated workforce in a safety-oriented environment using on the job training and retraining when required.
  • Continual improvement in the quality of products, processes, and customer satisfaction by reviewing our process Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We will measure our customer satisfaction through our On-Time Delivery (OTD) calculations, and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Maintain capable and focused management committed to the review of key project processes relating to real versus estimated cost and profitability, and adjust requotes accordingly.
  • Financial strength through sustained growth in sales revenues.

Product Standards

Zip-Chem® Products believes that its products should meet the following standards:

  • Deliver Value
  • Contain Superior Performance Characteristics
  • Be Environmentally Sound and Sustainable
  • Possess Application That Enhances Efficiency
  • Optimize Safety