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Calla 602LF Bottle With Brown Liquid In It


Calla® 602LF is a concentrated cleaner for use in aqueous parts washing cabinets. It is low foaming at temperatures as low as 140° F and can remove dirt and grease from parts with cycle times as low as 3 minutes. Also, it is a short term emulsifier allowing for easier seperation of the greases and oils from the waste stream. It's low VOC formulation allows it to be used in the strictest air quality control regulations.


Calla® 602LF meets all requirements of Source Control Drawing 9825019-17, -19, & -21 Rev. C for T.O's 4W-1-161, 4B-1-32, 4S-1-182 and meets Mil-C-29602 except section 3.7 (pH). Calla® 602LF is safe to use to clean various aircraft substrates including magnesium, IVD aluminum coated steel, cadmium plated steel, aluminum, titanium, and other high strength materials.

NSN are as follows:

Methods of Use

The operating temperature is 140° F - 160° F. Calla® 602LF is intended to be used at 5% dilution. For example, for a 100 gallon tank parts washer, 5 gallons of Calla® 602LF should be added, and then top off by adding the balance in water. Usual cycle time for cleaning is 3-15 minutes. If there is too much foam being generated, Calla® 602LF Defoamer (010021) is available to add to the solution to reduce the foam.


For optimum cleaning efficiency, the recommended dilution of the product is 5%.

Physical Properties

  • Density: 8.5 lbs/gal
  • Flash Point: No Flash Point
  • Non-Volatiles: 20%
  • Operating Temperature: 140°F - 160°F
  • pH: 6.5 - 8.0


Gallons (009437)

5 Gallon Pail (008935)

55 Gallon Drum (008936)

330 Gallon Tote (008937)

Special packaging upon request

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