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Calla® TR-521 is a clear, vicous, and heavy duty alkaline liquid cleaner.

Calla® TR-521 is ready-for-use and does not require dilution.

Calla® TR-521 was developed specifically for cleaning and brightening jet engine thrust reversers and cowlings during overhaul or repair.

When used as directed, Calla® TR-521 will not harm aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, chromium, stainless and high strength steels, or titanium.


Spray Calla® TR-521 using a spray gun at an undilluted level or by using the Calla® TR-521 aerosol, to completely cover the thrust reverser or other parts.

No precleaning is necessary.

The Calla® TR-521 aerosol can be used in conjunction with the Formit® extensions to provide targeted spray to areas that may be difficult to reach but need to be coated. Please refer to our Formit® technical data sheet for more information.

Allow Calla® TR-521 to dwell on the part for 15-30 minutes.

After approximately 15-30 minutes, rinse using one of the following methods, in order of preference:

  1. Steam Rinse
  2. High Pressure Warm Water Spray
  3. Water Rinse

Physical Properties

  • Color: Clear and Colorless
  • Odor: Minimal
  • pH: Approximately 12.5-13.5


Aerosol (006665)

5 Gallon Pail (002016)

55 Gallon Drum (002017)

330 Gallon Tote (002018)

Special packaging upon request

Download technical data sheet of Calla® TR-521 by clicking on the TDS button below

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