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White D-5030 Aerosol Spray Can With A Black Lid And An Airplane Logo


The Zip-Chem® D-5030NS Corrosion Preventive is formulated to provide a long term barrier against corrosion on steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized steel, and all metallic surfaces. D-5030NS has excellent moisture displacing and adhesion properties, including superior metal dampening and acid neutralization properties. D-5030NS has good electrical resistance so that it can resist galvanized steel corrosion.


Application of Product

D-5030NS is recommended for use on aircraft, cables, parts, and tools. D-5030NS forms a waxy film that protects the substrate even if the coating is damaged. D-5030NS can be used in conjunction with the Formit® extensions to provide targeted spray to areas that may be difficult to reach but need to be coated. Please refer to our Formit® technical data sheet for more information.



D-5030NS provides a firm and waxy coating that is easily removed with petroleum solvents.


Physical Properties

  • Coverage 77°F: 1000 sq ft/gal
  • Evaporation Rate: Faster Than Ether
  • Material V.O.C.: 4.63 lb/gl (554 G/L)
  • Specific Gravity (H20=1): 0.8
  • Vapor Density: Heavier Than Air



Aerosol (002051)

Special packaging upon request

Download technical data sheet of D-5030NS below

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Contact Zip-Chem® to request D-5030NS packaging and the D-5030NS SDS.

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