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D-5671NS Aerosol Spray Can With A Black Lid and an Airplane Logo


The Zip-Chem® D-5671NS Contact Cleaner is a completely non-ozone depleting formulation (no CFCs or HCFCs).

This multi-functional azeotrope is ideal for use on electronic components and energized circuits.

D-5671NS is non-flammable, safe on plastic, and very effective in solubilizing a wide range of soils and surface contaminants.

D-5671NS exhibits an extremely low solubility of moisture. This low moisture solubility lends it to applications, such as displacement drying and the cleaning of water sensitive components.

The high density of D-5671NS coupled with low viscosity and surface tension results in even surface coating and penetration into complex geometries.

Application of Product

D-5671NS can be sprayed directly into problem areas to loosen, lift, and flush away light to medium deposits of undesirable oils, greases, and oxide build-up.

The propellant system and active ingredients are non-flammable and highly efficient.

The D-5671NS aerosol can be sprayed at any angle, even upside down without a loss in spray.

D-5671NS can be used in conjunction with the Formit® extensions to provide targeted spray to areas that may be difficult to reach but need to be coated. Please refer to our Formit® technical data sheet for more information.

For applications involving sensitive plastic or rubber components, Zip-Chem® recommends D-5665NS.


D-5671NS meets the requirements of the following test methods:


  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Fast Evaporation
  • Non-Flammable
  • Very Low Surface Residue
  • Plastic Friendly
  • Low GWP
  • Low Surface Tension
  • Solubilizes a Select Range of Soils
  • Low Odor
  • Low Toxicity Levels

Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Clear / Colorless
  • Boiling Point (°C): 41
  • Flash Point (°C): None
  • Liquid Density (g/ml): 1.37
  • Low Heat of Vaporization (cal/g): 48
  • Ozone Depletion: 0.00
  • Surface Tension (Dynes/cm): 16.6
  • Viscosity (cps): 0.45
  • Vapor Pressure @ 23°C: 383
  • VOC: 50% by wt.


Aerosol (006538)

5 Gallon Pail (007526)

Special packaging upon request

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