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Environmental Impacts and Regulations of Chemical Products

Government agencies regulate the application, use, and production of chemicals because they can contaminate:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Ground

Therefore, many chemicals need to be approved by government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies who regulate the use of such products.

Zip-Chem® Products Under The US EPA Safer Choice Program

Zip-Chem® Products is one of the only Aviation Chemical Manufacturers with materials that are certified by the US EPA under the “Safer Choice Standard”. 3 of its products include:

Zip-Chem® Developed a Virtually Non-Toxic Replacement for a Known Carcinogen

Cor-Ban® 27L was developed as a substitute to chromium filled pastes used as corrosion preventive pastes throughout the aircraft.

Chromium filled pastes are known carcinogens and Zip-Chem® Products chemists developed Cor-Ban® 27L to outperform the chromium filled pastes without containing any carcinogens (See Aero Mechanic Vol 58 Number 1 Carcinogen Removed From 737 Line).

Small tube of Cor-Ban 27L