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Environmental Impacts and Regulations of Chemical Products

Government agencies regulate the application, use, and production of chemicals because they can have negative effects on the environment.

For example, chemical products can contaminate:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Ground

Therefore, many chemicals need to be approved by government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies who regulate the use of such products.

Zip-Chem® Products Under The US EPA Safer Choice Program

Zip-Chem® Products is one of the only Aviation Chemical Manufacturers with materials that are certified by the US EPA under the “Safer Choice Standard”.

3 of those products include:

Zip-Chem® Developed a Virtually Non-Toxic Replacement for a Known Carcinogen

Cor-Ban® 27L was developed as a substitute to chromium filled pastes used as corrosion preventive pastes throughout the aircraft.

Chromium filled pastes are known carcinogens and Zip-Chem® Products chemists developed Cor-Ban® 27L to outperform the chromium filled pastes without containing any carcinogens (See Aero Mechanic Vol 58 Number 1 Carcinogen Removed From 737 Line).

Small tube of Cor-Ban 27L