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White Aerosol Spray Bottle With Airplane Logo and Dark Colored Formit Wand Attached To It


The Formit®-18 Extension Tube Kit was developed to assist in the application of our aerosol products including our corrosion inhibiting products, such as Noxit® 86, Cor-Ban® 22, Cor-Ban® 23, and Cor-Ban® 35, and greases like D-5933NS.

Difficult to access areas in aircraft structures present some challenges where application of this product is critical.

Application of Product

The 18" long extension tube and aluminum sleeve can be formed into a variety of angles to allow access into recessed areas and will allow for a reverse spray, such as up and underneath the edge of a stinger or channel, if needed.


Zip-Chem® Products now offers several versions of the Formit®-18 to enhance specific application requirements.

The Formit®-18 Extension Tube will become your unique tool to solve application problems that may include voids of coverage, dramatic flooding, and over application.

For the best results, sharp angles should be achieved by carefully bending the tube around a piece of pipe or the body of the aerosol can to ensure a non-crimped passage for material flow.

The tube can be reshaped but we suggest that you re-use the tube that has been shaped to solve your particular application concerns.


The Formit®-18 consists of a pre-assembled female actuator consisting of flexible plastic tubing that is 18" in length along with an aluminum sleeve that is 12" in length.

The following versions of the Formit®-18 will allow for accurate application of our products. The following part numbers for a case of each Formit® is included for ordering:

Formit®-18-F(006224): Allows for a full fan spray with a forward projection and has a blue shrink tube for identification NSN: 4730-01-612-9914.

NSN: 4730-01-661-8773 is for the Formit®-18-F.

Formit®-18-180 (006226): Allows for a 180 Degree fan spray with a vertical projection and has a black shrink tube tip for identification.

Formit®-18-360 (006227): Allows for a full circle 360 Degree fan spray with a vertical projection and has a white shrink tube tip for identification NSN: 6850-01-492-2942 (12 Per Case).

Formit®-18-STD-FOG (008352): Allows for a full fan “FOGGING” spray with a forward projection and has a red shrink tube tip for identification NSN: 4730-01-632-0156.

Formit®-18-90-FOG (008353): Allows for a 90 Degree “FOGGING” fan spray with a vertical projection and has a red shrink tube tip with an additional black directional indicator for identification NSN: 6850-01-517-0963.

Tube Lengths

In addition, there are Formits® with differing tube lengths for specialized applications. These Formits® include:

A Formit® Sample Pack is also available with 3 each of Formit®-18-F, Formit®-18-180, Formit®-18-360, and Formit®-18-STD-Fog. The part number for this sample pack is 100107.

The female actuator is specifically designed to function on the valves of our products. This valve allows for the product to be dispensed even when the aerosol can is completely inverted.


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