Services Offered By Zip-Chem® Products

  • Traveling to customer facilities
  • Developing application procedures and techniques that work for customers
  • Training customers in the proper usage and application of our products

Contact Zip-Chem® Products

Anyone who would like to learn about how to use Zip-Chem® 's products should contact Zip-Chem® here.

Events In The Industry

You can meet Zip-Chem® Products at various events that it attends.

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Novel Coronavirus Situation

Due to the recent Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has impacted the world, many in-person events have been cancelled, rescheduled, or are becoming online activities, virtual meetings, ect.

Feel free to contact Zip-Chem® to learn about the events that have been moved to online gatherings, rescheduled, cancelled, or can only operate at limited capacity for a certain area.