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Sur-Prep® 123 is an environmentally sensible solvent that is designed to replace HFC-225 in a variety of applications.

It's solvency and physical properties makes Sur-Prep® 123 ideal for precision cleaning, drying of high sensitivity parts, and cleaning of oxygen systems.

Application of Product

Sur-Prep® 123 is an excellent solvent replacement for a variety of cleaning processes such as instruments, APU kits, bearings, and oxygen system equipment.

We always recommend pretesting Sur-Prep® 123 on sensitive plastics as Sur-Prep® 123 will craze acrylics, but is safe on polycarbonates, PVC, PET, HDPE, ABS, and others.

With regards to elastomers, it will affect EPDM, NBR, and Buna, but is safe on Viton, Neoprene, Butyl-rubber, and others.

Bulk containers come with a CGA 165 valve that can be adapted down to whatever size will interface with the oxygen line being serviced, including flare and Swagelok fittings.

Aerosols can be used for cleaning the oxygen system fittings.


Sur-Prep® 123 is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-injurious to metal, paint, and varnished surfaces, as well as most plastics and elastomers.

Sur-Prep® 123 has a wide solvency range and evaporates quickly and will not leave a residue.


The Sur-Prep® 123 solvent is the preferred solvent for cleaning LOX systems according to NASA/TP-2015-218207.

Sur-Prep® 123 is also called out in T.O. 15X-1-1 and in NSN: 6850-01-671-8497 (Aerosol) and NSN: 6830-01-678-3176 (10 lb Bulk Cylinder).

Bulk Sur-Prep® 123 can be used to clean LOX lines while the Sur-Prep® 123 Aerosol can be used to clean fittings.

Physical Properties

  • Boiling Point (C°): 19
  • Density (g/cm, 25°C): 1.26
  • Flash Point: None
  • Global Warming Potential: <5 (CO2 =1.0)
  • KB Value: 25
  • Surface Tension (dyne/cm, 25°C): 12.7
  • VOC: 0 g/L (exempt solvent)


Aerosol (102815)

10 Pound Cylinder (102933)

50 Pound Cylinder (102934)

Special packaging upon request

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