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Purposes Of Sur-Prep® AP-1

Sur-Prep® AP-1 is an adhesion promoter that can be used in the place of scuff sanding between coats of paint. Sur-Prep® AP-1 helps to re-activate the surface of the paint for subsequent coats to be applied. It can also be used for enhancing the adhesion of paint used for stenciling to topcoats. Sur-Prep® AP-1 is also used for increasing adhesion between the basecoat and clearcoat coatings of new basecoat/clearcoat systems. Additionally, Sur-Prep® AP-1 can be used on radome polyurethane boots prior to topcoat application and application over composite parts to provide a continuous surface energy for painting.

The Sur-Prep® AP-1 aerosol can be used in conjunction with the Formit® extentions to provide targeted spray to areas that are difficult to reach but need to be coated. Please refer to our Formit® technical data sheet for more information.


Sur-Prep® AP-1 is sprayed as a thin, wet film to wet the substrate being sprayed. Application is performed using standard paint application methods, such as HVLP guns, air assisted airless spray guns, and electrostatic spray equipment. Coverage is typically 600 to 1000 ft2 /gal (15 to 25 m2 /l) and fly away weight is typically less than 0.2 lb/1000 ft2 (1 kg/1000 m2). When Sur-Prep® AP-1 is applied, the promoter forms a fine, whitish-gray powder and is easily detectible as it reduces the 60° surface gloss of the topcoat from 90 to below 10. Gloss reduction disappears upon application of the subsequent coats and does not affect the appearance in any way.


Sur-Prep® AP-1 is on the QPL for BMS 10-127 (Chemical Reactivator for Paint Applications) and is called out in the Boeing D6-1816 Process Document for Decorative Finishing of Airplane Exteriors specification as well as the BAC 5308 Application of Stencil and Insignia Markings.


  • Application Relative Humidity: 10-70% RH
  • Application Temperature: 65°F - 90°F (18°C - 32°C)
  • Flash Point (PMCC): 75°F (24°C) for Part A & 90°F (32°C) for Part B
  • Pot Life (In Moisture Free Container): 24 hours
  • Shelf Life (DOM=Date of Manufacture): 18 months from DOM in bulk kits, 12 months from DOM in aerosol
  • VOC (Part A & B Mixed): 861 grams/liter


4 oz Aerosol (100767)

11 oz Aerosol (011671)

Pint Kits (100264)

Gallon Kits (100265)

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Sur-Prep® AP-1 Application Steps and Conditions

Click on the links below to learn how about aerosol and bulk application of Sur-Prep® AP-1 as well as applying Sur-Prep® AP-1 to systems involving baseboats, clearcoats, and conventional paints.

Aerosol and Bulk Application Of Sur-Prep® AP-1

Application To Baseboat/Clearcoat Paints

Application To Conventional Paints

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