Exacting Chemistry

Zip-Chem® Products has extensive experience in the aviation industry and can formulate products to meet the needs of that industry. Zip-Chem® Products chemists develop products to perform both in the shop and on the aircraft. Zip-Chem® Products collaborates with DEM's and customers to design chemical products that meet their needs.

Pre-Market Testing, Review, and Specification Awarding

Person In White Suit Spraying Something Onto A SurfaceZip-Chem® Products materials undergo extensive pre-market testing in its labs as well as third party laboratories. Zip-Chem® Products offers more than 200 military, FAA, and major airframe manufacturers’ specifications and spec classes of material.

Zip-Chem® Products always ensures that its products work effectively and are efficient. Field staff at Zip-Chem® Products do this by meeting regularly with maintenance leaders to assess the effectiveness of products that are in service. To schedule a meeting with our field staff, click here.