The Zip-Chem® Water Break Free Kits are to be used in preparing a metal surface for further treatment by making the surface clean so that it forms a water break free surface. If water applied to the surface beads up, the surface should be cleaned with a Water Break Free Kit.


Application of Product

To use the Water Break Free Kit:

  1. Remove the Scotch® Brite Pad, saturated with alkaline cleaner, from it's package.
  2. Abrade the metal surface with the Scotch® Brite Pad by abrading the surface in two directions at 90 degrees from each other.
  3. Remove the towelette saturated with DI water and wipe the abraded area to remove excess soap.
  4. Remove the dry towelette and wipe the abraded surface dry.
  5. Test the abraded spot with water to see if it is water break free. If not, repeat steps 1-5. If the area is water break free, continue with the surface treatment.



Kit consists of a Scotch® Brite Pad saturated with alkaline cleaner, a towelette saturated with DI water, and a dry towelette.

Available as a kit (008538)

Download technical data sheet of the Water Break Free Kit below

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Contact Zip-Chem® to request Water Break Free Kit packaging and the Water Break Free Kit SDS.