Metal ZC Gun attached to white sprayer


For fogging applications, the Zip-Chem® ZC-360-Fogging Gun offers maximum capability with minimal setup. Using only compressed air at a minimum of 30 psi, the ZC-360-Fogging Gun can atomize almost any low viscosity liquid. This threaded attachment will fit onto any Zip-Chem® 32 oz or 16 oz plastic bottles, with a neck finish of 28-400. The ZC-360-Fogging Gun is used in conjunction with Zip-Chem® 24 oz or 32 oz plastic bottles. The ZC-360-Fogging Gun can be used to fog the following Zip-Chem® products:



Connect the compressed air line to the ZC-360-Fogging Gun, attach the plastic bottle filed with the ready to use solution to the threaded cap, and pull the handle to begin fogging. For most low viscosity liquids, at least 30 psi of air must be suppleid. For greater atomization of the fog, increase the pressure of the compressed air. Do not exceed 90 psi of pressure.



ZC-360-Fogging Gun (008976)

Empty 24 fl oz bottle (007095)

Empty 32 fl oz bottle (008357)

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