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The Zip-Chem® ZC-4079 Epoxy Dissolver is a powerful yet versatile solvent that is capable of performing a variety of tasks, which includes paint stripping and urethane foam blowing.



ZC-4079 is used to remove the cured epoxy, urethane mixing, and dispensing equipment. It also salvages encapsulated or potted components. The cured Epoxy will soften slowly and slough off when immersed in ZC-4079. The dissolving action accelerates if the Epoxy is heated to 86°F (30°C). ZC-4079 is excellent as a general purpose clean-up solvent on metal components. A layer of water on top of the ZC-4079 solvent will reduce evaporation.



ZC-4079 is energy efficient because it can vaporize at a low heat level. It can also be cost-compared with other petroleum solvents because it can be recovered and reused.


Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Colorless Liquid
  • Boiling Point: 103.5°F
  • Flash Point: None
  • Specific Gravity: (25°C)-1.320
  • Vapor Pressure: 355 mm of Hg @ 20°C



Gallons (005029)

5 Gallon Pail (005028)

55 Gallon Drum (002313)

Special packaging upon request

Download technical data sheet of ZC-4079 below

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