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Zip-Chem® ZC-460 is a resin bonded system of molybdenum disulfide powder that is dispersed in a thermoplastic resin which air dries in 5-10 minutes. The formulation yields a thin but durable abrasion resistant coating that is effective up to 660°F (350°C).



ZC-460 was originally formulated for DC-8 flap track fairings. Other aircraft applications include DC-10 elevator bus support system parts (springs and quick tubes) and engine applications, such as fan rotor assembly and fan reverser pre-cooler duct seal lubrication. It is excellent for use as a break-in lube, rubber anti-seize, and gasket coating. ZC-460 is available in aerosol as D-5460NS.

Rotar Fan Blade



  • Extreme Pressure Lube
  • Dry Film
  • Excellent High Temperature Stability
  • Good Surface Adhesion
  • Fast Drying Formula



Physical Properties

  • Average Particle Size: MoS2 (0.4 Microns )
  • Boundary Lubrication: 660°F (350°C)
  • Coefficient of Friction: .23 (Static)
  • Color: Gray
  • Service Temp: 390°F (200°C)



Aerosol (002061)

Gallons (002318)

Special packaging upon request

Download technical data sheet of ZC-460 below

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Contact Zip-Chem® to request ZC-460 and the ZC-460 SDS.

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