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Zip-Chem® ZC-920 is a grease that contains an inert silica filler and selected polydimethyl silicone fluids. This combination creates a product that will not melt and has excellent dielectric properties, high water repellency, and resistance to oxidation. ZC-920 is also non-toxic and will not dry out in service. Under temperature variations from 40° to 400° Fahrenheit, ZC-920 retains a room temperature consistency. This non volatile and odorless product is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. ZC-920 is white in color but can range from translucent to colorless when applied in a thin coating.



ZC-920 contains a blend of components which increases moisture resistance, special lubricity, release, and sealing properties. ZC-920 is excellent on O-rings, valves, regulators, and rubber parts. ZC-920 preserves and lubricates seals and weather stripping and can prevent the build up of ice between rubber seals and doors. Use ZC-920 on heat sealing bars and irons to eliminate polyfilm build-up or on conveyor guide rails and bottle scramblers. ZC-920 eliminates sticking and gumming of waxes, films, and adhesives. ZC-920 also aids in clean-up. ZC-920 is available in aerosol form as D-5920NS.



  • Eliminates sticking
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Increases output per machine
  • Removal of dried and spilled food stuff


Physical Properties

  • Color: Translucent White
  • Drop Point Deg. F: None
  • Evaporation Loss, 24 Hr. at 390° F, %: 2.64
  • Flash Point Deg. F: 500
  • N.L.G.I. Grade: 2
  • Oil Separation, 24 Hr. at 390° F, %: 0.66
  • Pour Point Deg. F: -50



Aerosol (002081)

2 Lb Can (100189)

Gallons (100188)

5 Gallon Pail (100190)

Special packaging upon request

Download technical data sheet of ZC-920 below

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Contact Zip-Chem® to request ZC-920 packaging and the ZC-920 SDS.

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