Metal Dilution Station With Cor-Ban Text and Zip-Chem Cloud Logo

The Zip-Chem® Dilution Station is a push lever mixing station that is suited for consistent dilution of chemical products. These blend stations can be used to consistently dilute any water-based product to fit your needs.



The Zip-Chem® Dilution Station is designed to work with water supplies ranging from 25-100 psi. It can be used to accomodate filling bottles where a low flow rate is desired to reduce:

  • Foaming
  • A medium flow rate where the application requires a large rate of diluted material
  • A high flow rate for the maximum rate of application



The Zip-Chem® Dilution Station can be tailored to fit your specific application with some simple information.

Required information

1.) Water pressure available at the install location.

2.) Product to be diluted or your desired dilution ratio.

Our equipment specialists take those parameters and deliver a system that is ready to plug in and use.

If your dilution requirements should change, contact Zip-Chem® Products about a Zip-Chem® Dilution Station Re-Build Kit to change your dilution ratio.

Download technical data sheet of the Zip-Chem® Dilution Station below

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Contact Zip-Chem® to inquire about the Zip-Chem® Dilution Station and its packaging.