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Calla® 301A Lemon Cleaning Methods

Methods of Use

Calla® 301A Lemon is a recommended product for cleaning aircraft, aircraft components, and facilities because it has been used to clean many types of aircraft under variable conditions for several years.


Fuselage Tail Sections, Wing Tips, etc: Mix 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 3 to 20 parts water, depending on the amount of soil that exists. Next, apply the mixture by spray or mop and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes before mopping or brushing. Thoroughly rinse the mixture with water after these steps are complete. To recover badly oxidized surfaces, use the 1:3 mixture because it provides high quality results under most conditions. Future washings with highly diluted mixtures will maintain oxide free and shiny surfaces.

Blast Areas, Landing Gear: Mix 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 3 parts of water. Next, apply the mixture by spray or mop and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes before scrubbing the heavy deposits. If that task is complete, then the mixture can be flood rinsed with water. If a solvent can be used, mix 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 5 parts of solvent and briefly agitate the mixture with air to form the emulsion. Spray or mop the mixture over the entire area and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. Finally, scrub the surfaces well and rinse them with water.

Waterless Cleaning

Dilute Calla® 301A Lemon, based on the amount of soil, in an open bucket or barrel, saturate a mop in the Calla® 301A Lemon solution, and wring out the excess water. Moreover, the surface must be mopped thoroughly where only small areas of surface can be covered at a time. Lastly, rinse the surface with a clean and damp mop.


Vinyl Plastics Or Fabrics, Rugs, Toilets: Mix 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 4 to 8 parts of water for general use. Apply the mixture via spray, brush, or cloth and allow time for it to penetrate. Next, agitate the mixture with a brush or a cloth. Furthermore, the mixture should be wiped off with a clean and damp cloth.

If the mixture has been applied to rugs or carpeting, then the residue must be removed with a vacuum unit.

Food Service Equipment and Galley Area

On ovens, apply Calla® 301A Lemon undiluted or diluted 1:1 with water. Next, spray or sponge the area that needs to be cleaned and allow it to penetrate for 10 minutes. Remove the baked-on grease with a scouring pad, rinse with warm water, and wipe thoroughly.

Ramps and Hangar Housekeeping

Use Calla® 301A Lemon in 1 to 5 parts of water in scrubbers.

Ground Power Equipment

Mix 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 3 to 5 parts of water. After that step is complete, apply the mixture by spray or brush and allow it to penetrate for 3 to 5 minutes.

Aircraft Wheels, Brakes, and Components

Heated Dip Tank: Dilute the Calla® 301A Lemon with 1 to 4 parts of water, depending on the operating temperature of the tank.

For wheels, soak the mixture for 30+ minutes, scrub heavy deposits with wheel brush, and rinse with hot water.

Cold Dip Tank

Dilute Calla® 301A Lemon 1:1 with water or 1:4 with solvent, agitate the solution, and proceed to the next steps as indicated in the heated dip tank method.

Oil or Hydraulic Filter Screens

Use Calla® 301A Lemon undilluted and allow 30 minutes for it to penetrate. Agitate with air if possible and rinse with water.

In an ultrasonic tank, use 1 part of Calla® 301A Lemon with 3 parts of water for best results.

Steam Cleaning

Dilute 1 part Calla® 301A Lemon with 20 parts of water in solution tank. Increase concentration if required by extreme soil condition.

Calla® 301A Lemon will reduce scale on machine coils.

Provide spray wetting and penetrating action so the mixture can rinse freely.