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Zip-Chem® Packaging Options

SachetsPackaging Solutions


Innovative packaging solutions are central to the service that Zip-Chem® Products provides to the aviation industry.


Over the last 20 years, Zip-Chem® Products has developed packaging and packaging technology to:

    • Reduce financial costs
    • Reduce waste
    • Ease product application
    • Minimize environmental or occupational exposure
    • Ensure that mix ratios are accurate
    • Optimize Labor

Packaging TypesBombes


Zip-Chem® Products adapts package designs from other industries and invents new products to meet the needs of the aircraft maintenance markets.


Zip-Chem® Products currently partners with Andpak, a Morgan Hill, CA packaging company, so that packaging solutions can be provided for Zip-Chem® ‘s chemical products.


Packaging Solution NeedsBottle and Cans


New materials in aircraft manufacturing, new and changing aviation maintenance products and procedures, and cost optimization pressure  continue to create demand for new packaging solutions. Zip-Chem® Products welcomes these challenges and encourages customers and potential clients to contact the company to learn about Zip-Chem® ‘s products and solutions.



Barrier-Injection Cartridges Systems For Packaging and Mixing


The company offers pre-mixed frozen materials and sealed two-component packaging/mixing systems. These include:

  • Clip-paks(r)
  • Special Syringe Packages
  • Injection
  • Barrier Kits
  • Combination Mixing and Application Devices, such as Two Component Syringes and Foil-Paks




Benefits of Packaging SystemsCustom Dosing Packaging



Zip-Chem® packaging systems address environmental and occupational health concerns.  Some of these packaging systems include non-ozone depleting aerosol technology and simple hand pump sprays. These systems place a controlled amount of product at precisely the point of need. This strategy reduces waste and minimizes build-up.


Cartridge systems and specialized mixing and spray applicators also facilitate cost savings through bulk packaging and carefully controlled product applications.


Success of Packaging Systems


Zip-Chem® ‘s packaging systems are successful because they are flexible for customers.


Short runs in material packaging are common and encouraged.


Zip-Chem® meets a site’s needs without having to ship large quantities of product. Additionally, Zip-Chem® ‘s substantial international distribution ensures that the cost efficiencies attained while larger batch runs remain in place regardless of an individual order.


Alternative Packaging Guide



Packaging Alternatives Principle Advantages Cost Implications

Other Advantages

Two-Component Coatings and Paint

Clip-paks, Zip-Spray

Precise Mix of Materials Reduced Waste

Reduces exposure and release of materials

Two-Component Adhesives, Epoxies, and Sealants

Foil-Paks, Clip-Paks, Dual Syringes, and Frozen and Pre-Mixed Materials

Precise mix of materials and product performance Saves money on labor and reduces waste

Reduced exposure

Contact Cleaners

Aerosol and Pre-Moistened Towelettes

Precision Application Reduced Waste

Minimal Product Build-Up

Lubricant CIC’s

Aerosol, Cartridges, Tubes, Pails

Precision Application Reduced Waste

Minimal Product Build-Up


Pumps, Sprays, and Towelettes

An application that is quick and convenient Refillable containers that allow for bulk processing

Concentrations that are predosed and accurate