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Sur-Prep® AP-1 Addresses Scuff Sanding

Sur-Prep AP-1 CanSur-Prep® AP-1 Eliminates Scuff Sanding


Sur Prep® AP-1 is an adhesion promoter that can be used in the place of scuff sanding between coats of paint.  It helps to re-activate the surface of the paint for subsequent coats to be applied.  It can also be used for enhancing the adhesion of paint used for stenciling to topcoats.  Sur Prep® AP-1 is sprayed as a thin, wet film using standard paint application methods, such as HVLP guns, air assisted airless spray guns, and electrostatic spray equipment.  Coverage is typically 600 to 1000 ft2/gal (15 to 25 m2/l) and fly away weight is typically less than 0.2 lb/1000 ft2 (1 kg/1000 m2).  When applied, the promoter forms a fine, whitish-gray powder and is easily detectible as it reduces the 60° surface gloss of the topcoat from 90 to below 10.  The resulting gloss and color of the paint is not affected by Sur Prep® AP-1Sur Prep® AP-1 should be applied when application temperatures are between 65°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C) and the relative humidity is less than 70%.  


Sur Prep® AP-1:


  1. Eliminates ergonomic injuries associated with mechanical abrasion
  2. Reactivates more uniformly than scuff sanding
  3. Eliminates sanding dust which can be environmental hazard
  4. Reduces flow time
  5. Improves durability of paint
  6. Adds minimal weight (<1 kg/1000 m2) to the painted surface
  7. Sharpens paint edges
  8. Sprays easily for large area applications
  9. Is available in aerosol form for small area applications


Sur Prep® AP-1 has been used on commercial aircraft since 2008.


Once applied, the surface coated with Sur-Prep® AP-1 shall not be touched or disturbed prior to application of any subsequent coating.