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ADDEV Materials broadens its offering of custom solutions by acquiring both ANDPAK and ZIP-CHEM® in the US

ADDEV Materials is delighted to announce the acquisition of two US Companies, ANDPAK and Zip-Chem®ANDPAK, specializing in custom packaging of chemicals for the aeronautics industry and Zip-Chem®, which formulates and manufactures surface preparation products, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, and avionics cleaners. These acquisitions are a clear signal of the group’s vision of growth in the North American and European aviation sectors.


For almost 40 years, ANDPAK has designed a vast range of innovative custom packaging for liquid products such as adhesives, sealants, paints, greases and other chemical compounds.

ANDPAK offers the packaging solution its customers need for their applications, and seeks to improve their productivity, user safety and traceability, while reducing costs and environmental impact that results from waste and wasted material.

ANDPAK has production sites in Morgan Hill (California), Minneapolis (Minnesota) and West Yorkshire (UK). It has positioned itself close to key customers, such Boeing and Airbus, and is capable of global reach.

ANDPAK works with its customers to specify and design innovative packaging solutions with the right format and size for their applications. Our solutions improve industrial performance and safety with minimum waste and therefore less impact on the environment”, explains Dick Varien, General Manager of ANDPAK.


Zip-Chem® envisions, formulates, manufactures and packages several complimentary product lines to address the corrosion control programs in the aviation industry. All products carry the mandated AMS quality tested material specification in addition to military and commercial airframe manufacturer certifications.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in California with warehouse and logistics centers in Morgan Hill (California), Everett (Washington), and Singapore, Zip-Chem® has expert chemists and an R&D that for many years have been formulated and successfully tested products vital to the aviation industry.

Zip-Chem® product lines are ranging from surface preparation products and adhesion promoters AP-1 under the Sur-Prep® Brand; specialty coolants under the Accu-Cool® brand along with specialty lubricants under Aero-lube™; short and long term corrosion inhibiting compounds under the Cor-Ban® brand; inclusive of aircraft appearance products for interior and exterior application under the Calla® brand. Being now part of ADDEV Materials is a great opportunity to expand our products’ sales toward Europe” points out Chuck Pottier, President of Zip-Chem®.